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Ellen Pober RIttberg does spoken word readings of her poetry around the New York metropolitan area, usually as featured reader. Having lived for many years within a few miles from Walt Whitman's birthplace, she believes that to inhale and exude the world is critical to existence.

The following poem was chosen for the anthology, "Songs of Seasoned Women," Quadrasoul Press, 2007:


consider the constellations
huntress' bow, chariots churning
hurtling burning, spinning, lost.
like cities undersea
stars spill across the sky.

through winter sun the world blazes
in tough brilliance.
blossoms hold tight to themselves
like baby's fists,
a despot might call it insolence.

I must remember to praise sunrise
must look inside the commotion
the jumble, the jigsaw the jewelweed
to stumble to trod on, to live to love
the leaf, my face, the sun.

ah world, perfectly formed oak gall,
prickly, obdurate world, infinite in brown
at dawn as it settles like a comeliness,
a shawl, oh knotted skein,
oh clotted world convergent world: us, all!

Writing Bio:

Ellen Pober Rittberg's plays "Sci Fi," "Sabbath Elevator," "Just a Quiet Evening at Home, Six Friends" and "Hostage Crisis" have been performed off broadway and at festivals. She is seeking a publisher for her novel, "The Boy," and her humorous parenting book, "Thirty Five Things Your Teenagers Won't Tell You So I Will."

The winner of the Long Island Coalition for Fair Broadcasting's FOLIO award and several Sigma Delta Chi/Press clubs awards for her feature writing and photographs, she hosted and produced a live cable show, "The Changing Family," for several years. Her feature writing and essays appeared in the New York Times, Newsday, the Daily News (frequent contributor) and other large urban dailies.

Her education includes a bachelors degree from Boston University, a master's degree from SUNY Buffalo and a juris doctor degree from CUNY Law School.

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