In a former life, so to speak, I was a journalist who often took photos to accompany my feature writing and hard news stories (I began as a stringer for the Associated Press). It was a heady experience to have some of my photos reprinted across the country and to win a Press Club/Sigma Delta Chi for a photo I took for a newspaper I subsequently worked for. But now, as an artist, I approach photography with a different intent: to explore, and to see where it takes me in the hope that the viewer connects or responds in some way. My photos Abstract 2 and Abstracted remind me somewhat of Gerhard Richter, whose work I so admire. And I am fascinated by the whole idea of optics, and how different ways of perceiving objects corresponds to our very 21st century sensibilty, that being, that the viewer or the apprehender of the thing viewed is all there is in all its subjective beauty..

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