Artist Bio

Ellen Pober Rittberg is a writer and visual artist. Largely self taught, she considers her visual art education to have taken place in the great museums of New York and the world, where she communed and otherwise absorbed the visual vocabularies of great artists of our age and all ages.

She has studied with James Rosenquist (painting) and with Viggo Holm Madsen (printmaking) and has taken courses at the New School.

Her media are watercolor, gouache and pen and ink. In her largely abstract process works, the subconscious is expressed and in the process, specific forms and images are implicated by the viewer.

Rittberg began painting on paper in small format sketch books. Some of these works are gridded in a partially random, partially chosen array. In these works, she explores concepts of randomness and choice and compositional integrity.

Working with watercolor, gouache felt tipped markers and ink, she began to create larger format works that are gestural in intent.

Her most recently completed project, “A Year in the Life” chronicles large changes in her life, using discarded office/work material, ink and watercolor.

Her latest project is a series of gestural paintings and drawings which are interrelated but which may be exhibited singly or as they were created, serially.

Prior to painting and drawing, Rittberg wrote poetry, plays and essays, which were performed and published in mostly New York venues).

Her education includes a Juris Doctor degree, and a masters degree in history.